A rainy evening at Driskill Grill

A last minute change of plans left us hunting for our annual Not-Valentines-Day dinner last weekend. We were scheduled to try Da Marco in Houston, but alas had to take one of the last reservations available at Driskill Grill.  In the almost 14 years that I have lived in Austin I have not been to the restaurant. Why did I wait so long?!

We took an early reservation of 6:30pm. We were seated very promptly next to a chatty gentleman drinking too much whiskey and a woman complaining she needed more vegetables with her meal despite the fact she ordered a steak. The dining room is very small so moving to another table was not an option. So, I proceeded to drown them out with some wine.

The 2009 Terra Valentine Cabernet Sauvignon was recommended by our great waiter, Kevin (I hope that was his name!). We wanted a medium bodied wine that would go with our entire meal for a decent price (meaning under $60). Terra Valentine is a Napa Valley wine and California grapes are generally a safe bet. The 2009 Cab was a deep ruby red color with currant, fig, and boysenberry flavors. I especially liked the spicy undertones of tobacco and baking spice. I would definitely buy this wine in a restaurant or Terra Valentine’s winery. It was soft, interesting, but didn’t push you over with a complex flavor. It was great by itself or with food.

The food at Driskill is well worth the money. We chose not to do the chef’s tasting menu this time, but it looked amazing. I started with the lobster bisque and had the filet mignon with cheddar grits and pearl onions. My fiancé tried the ribeye with blue cheese farro, mushrooms, and asparagus. The entrees were perfect. I have nothing bad to say about the food or the presentation. The best presentation of the evening was the dessert. We ordered the Grand Marnier soufflé with macerated strawberries and chocolate sauce as well as the PB&J. It was the highlight of the meal in my opinion.

My advice–Get thee to the Driskill Grill and try the Terra Valentine! Or if you like Italian and French wines they had plenty on the menu. Overall, the experience was great and we will go back again!

One thought on “A rainy evening at Driskill Grill

  1. alisaanne says:

    The desserts sound amazing and I’m very interested to know what the PB&J was like. I’ve been the Driskill once before several years ago and I remember that I was very impressed.

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