WineDownAustin goes to Chile–Emiliana Organic Wine Bar

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Chile is a wonderfully diverse country with excellent wine. During a visit to the ceros located outside Valparasio, I stumbled into the Emiliana Organic wine bar and restaurant. It was a hot day as Chile is at the end of summer and a glass of white wine sounded very refreshing.

I ordered the only white wine offered by the glass which was the 2011 Emiliana Reserve Chardonnay. The chardonnay was produced in the Casablanca Valley near Vina del Mar.  The wine was full, smooth, with grapefruit, lime, and pineapple notes. It was perfect for a hot day and I enjoyed several glasses with lunch.

The restaurant served a wide array of lunch entrees, but I couldn’t get enough of the seafood in Chile. It was so fresh and always excellent. I ordered the grilled rockfish on top of potato gnocchi with pesto sauce and topped with organic greens and grilled tomatoes. My friend ordered the homemade multi-colored pasta with organic vegetables. Both dishes were so good we ate ALL of it!

We enjoyed the experience so much that we sat on the patio for another glass of wine to finish out the beautiful afternoon. I am already planning out wine tours for future visits!

Winery Information:

Emiliana was the first organic vineyard in Chile offering sustainable vineyard management, efficient energy use, recycling, and managing industrial waste water. Emiliana believes in sustainability and social responsibility within the community. They are certified by the IMO which ensures the companies operate in accordance with good labor practices. The Fair for Life certification guarantees that human rights are respected in all stages of production and that working conditions are suitable and fair. Emiliana also offers organic gardens, scholarships and training programs, and housing programs for employees.

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