Chicken Run Organic Chardonnay

Lazy Saturdays are good for trips to the local farmers market and porchin’. For those of you that are not native Texans, porchin’ is a favorite past time when the weather is mild. I often spend entire weekends porchin’ with wine and a good book. It is very relaxing to hang out on the patio, listen to the birds, and disconnect.

This particular Saturday left me with a dozen farm fresh eggs, a bottle of Chicken Run, and lovely weather. I made up a salad nicoise for lunch and proceeded to enjoy a few glasses of the 2011 Chicken Run Chardonnay.

What prompted me to buy a wine called Chicken Run? Well, (1) it is a Chilean wine and due to my recent trip to Chile I was intrigued; (2) I thought the name was amusing; (3) It was on sale. What the hell, right?

Chicken Run was a light and refreshing patio wine. Not too heavy on the tongue and lovely with a salad! It was tart and crisp with notes of green apple and lemon. You can find Chicken Run at the HEB Volente location. It was perfect for a weekend of porchin’.

Austin transplants—get out there and enjoy some porchin’ before it gets too hot!

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