Hi there! Thanks for visiting! I am a Texas girl with a passion for good food and wine from around the world. I love to eat, drink and travel as often as possible. I believe that simple, good food is the foundation for living well and wine is the perfect compliment.  I am constantly looking for new things that inspire me. I hope they inspire you too.

When I am not eating or drinking, I work a day job as an Ops manager, cook meals for my friends and family, travel the world, and spend time with my husband and two fat cats.

Enjoy life and Winedown!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. The Wandering Gourmand says:

    I’d like to invite you to participate in a new challenge that I am hosting at thewanderinggourmand.com to bring together the beer, wine, and food blogging worlds. As you may know, each month I host a Beer Versus Wine Pairing Challenge inviting readers to suggestion their perfect pairing with a monthly dish. I decided to make the challenge even more engaging by turning the challenge into a contest with bragging rights. Each month a dish will be presented. Bloggers have a week to post their perfect pairing and why in the comments section. The following week, I will summarize the comments in a post for a vote. The winner not only earns bragging rights but also the honor of coming up with the following month’s dish.

    Right now the contest will be hosted at thewanderinggourmand.com. Future plans involve a breakout sight and a badge to post back on your blog. I welcome you to join the challenge as it begins today with Beer Battered Fish (http://thewanderinggourmand.com/2014/02/26/beer-battered-fish-pairing/).


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