Food Markets of Paris

I was looking for some insight into food markets in Paris so I decided to hire a personal food guru for the morning. After reading great reviews, I went with Edible Paris. Stephen Mudge ended up being our guide for the day and we got along great. Stephen is a restaurant critic, correspondent for Opera News, former opera singer and occasional sheep farmer. What an interesting life! He took us to a food market and food shops in the Rue Cler area. It was a lot of fun, but next time we will try to get out of the touristy area.



Food of Chile

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I love food just as much as I love wine. The food in Chile is fresh, creative, and satisfying. You can’t beat food in a fresh food culture. It is very different. I admit I enjoy a box of Kraft Mac-n-Chz from time to time (hey, everyone has a weakness), but eating fresh food is eating well.

I had everything from Chilean sea bass (or as a collegue described “just plain ‘ol sea bass”), squid, rock fish, salmon, grouper, crab, and lobster. It was all fantastic!  If you ever find yourself in South America and are looking for good food–go to Chile!

WineDownAustin goes to Chile–Savinya at Hotel Del Mar

I shamelessly admit I found my very favorite restaurant in the whole world (and I’ve been a lot of places). Savinya restaurant is in the Hotel Del Mar located in Vina del Mar. I loved it so much I ate there 3 times!


Wine and Pisco sours-Amazing


I’ll let the food pics do the writing for me 🙂

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