Restaurant Jezebel

In keeping with our annual tradition, my husband and I booked our anti-Valentine dinner the weekend after the official date. We gave up trying to get into restaurants early into our relationship and prefer to have a “regular” dinner date to celebrate Valentines. We are hip like that 😉

We visited Restaurant Jezebel way back when it was still located on Congress Ave and were very happy when the new location opened on West 6th Street. Not much has changed as I had to book a reservation a month in advance! The dining room is still very small, dark, and eclectic with gorgeous nude paintings. I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but I loved it. It was charming and romantic.

I heard it was more formal and they now offer only a 4 or 7 course tasting menu instead of an a la carte menu. We were there for a special occasion so we went all in and ordered the 7 course tasting menu with wine pairings. It’s definitely a lesson in food S&M when the chef has his way with you for 5 hours!

We started with sashimi, swordfish and mackerel, fried crab and moved into heavier dishes with pork belly, quail, kangaroo, and foie gras. I had too much foie gras in one dish and asked for something else. I was promptly brought a small plate of grilled fish and it was perfect. Chef Vora and his staff go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable.

Dessert was just as elaborate and included a selection from a mobile dessert cart. I had to try the strawberry macaroons and white chocolate bourbon truffles. I’ve had macaroons in France and these were so close I thought I was in Paris again!

I also thought the mobile cocktail cart was a nice touch. They will make anything you want table side. However, we went with the wine pairings and I have to say I was not disappointed. I enjoyed everything that was recommended to us.

I didn’t want to take fuzzy iPhone pictures of such beautiful food. I would recommend you visit Fed Man Walking, Tribeza, or Restaurant Jezebel’s website for nice photos of the kitchen and food.

This is a fine dining establishment and the pricing is in line with the level of service. You have to be comfortable with paying for an experience and view it as such.  It was fun, interesting, and the first time I have talked to my spouse for an extended period in quite a while (5 whole hours!).  I’m glad we did it!


Food of Chile

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I love food just as much as I love wine. The food in Chile is fresh, creative, and satisfying. You can’t beat food in a fresh food culture. It is very different. I admit I enjoy a box of Kraft Mac-n-Chz from time to time (hey, everyone has a weakness), but eating fresh food is eating well.

I had everything from Chilean sea bass (or as a collegue described “just plain ‘ol sea bass”), squid, rock fish, salmon, grouper, crab, and lobster. It was all fantastic!  If you ever find yourself in South America and are looking for good food–go to Chile!

WineDownAustin goes to Chile–Savinya at Hotel Del Mar

I shamelessly admit I found my very favorite restaurant in the whole world (and I’ve been a lot of places). Savinya restaurant is in the Hotel Del Mar located in Vina del Mar. I loved it so much I ate there 3 times!


Wine and Pisco sours-Amazing


I’ll let the food pics do the writing for me 🙂

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